12 min poetic documentary short film (not completed yet, 2022)

Tiger sharks might be the most misunderstood creatures who ever roamed our oceans. To Hamna Hussein, they are her anchor and source of calmness. As Fuvahmulah’s first female dive master she’s leading dives with dozens of these apex predators at once, while battling not only their stigmas but her own – turning prejudice into power. She’s wearing the hijab proudly on land and under water. Hamna is deeply rooted in Maldivian culture and especially her island’s traditions. She has became a symbol for perseverance and strength. This film is an ode to everyone who reclaims their place in the world.


“Hamna Hussein was the reason I wanted to visit the “shark” island in the South of the Maldives. There was something about her that I could not place. After sharing wild pelagic waters, vortexes and tiger dives with her, we both opened up to our pasts. Very quickly, it crystallised that we have more in common than our love for sharks and the ocean. Her story of perseverance moved me at my core. I wanted to capture and amplify her voice as it is one that roars.” – Martina Trepczyk

Starring Hamna Hussein

Directed by Martina Trepczyk
Cinematography by Kyle Armstrong Roepke
Produced by Kyle Armstrong Roepke
Music by David Furrer
Edited by Martina Trepczyk